What Our Customers Say

Mr & Mrs Banforth – March 2013: “The product and price were every bit as good as large chain providers, the level of personal service was undoubtedly better. So pleased were we with the overall package that we already have Kitchen Elements working on the design of a second kitchen for us.”

Mrs Lee – March 2013: “The quality of the kitchen furniture and appliances is outstanding and I was impressed at how well they were all packaged to protect them prior to installation. The Siemens appliances are top quality and I love my small dishwasher and am amazed at how many things I can fit in it!”

Mr & Mrs Ambrose  – January 2013: “We had obtained detailed quotes from several nationally known furniture and DIY retailers, incorporating products from their own ranges of kitchen equipment within their specifications. Before we made the decision to go ahead with any of these, we asked a number of people for recommendations. One of these people had, had a Kitchen Elements installation and were very happy with the service they had received and with the quality of the finished kitchen. We therefore made our way to King Cross to obtain a quote from them.

We had a very different experience with Kitchen Elements when it came to them helping us to look at our wants and needs and only when working towards planning and designing a layout and range of equipment to meet those needs. Throughout our first visit there wasn’t a notepad or computer in sight. It was all about, through careful interrogation, finding out what we both wanted and needed from the finished kitchen as individuals. As an example of this, one of us is right-handed, the other left-handed. Just a small thing, but really important. David explored the way we would use the kitchen and what we really needed from it in order to help us to do that. Now, this is the thing; this is what makes the experience different through using a local company who have the time to talk you through these processes. It is a classic example of the Donald Rumsfeld quandary:

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know.
But there are also unknown unknowns; there are things we do not know we don’t know.”

By this I mean that there are things we had not taken in to consideration when we had gone for the other quotes, because they were things of which we were unaware. These can only be identified through years of experience of designing kitchens. Examples are avoiding doors opening in to other doors, or opening in such a way as to block easy access. There are many other examples.

The next stage which took place on our next visits, following measurement of the space, was producing a design together, based on the information we had provided, then refining and refining it until we were sure it was what we wanted taking in to consideration our personal circumstances and with great attention to detail.

The installation was carried out as agreed, to a very high standard and with minimum disruption. After sales service has also been exemplary. We did have a small problem with a hinge on one of the oven doors. An engineer came the next day and sorted it. We were able to book the visit online.

Overall it has been a very positive experience. We are very happy with the finished kitchen and just glad we used a local company better equipped to explore, understand and meet our needs and help us to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent in the designs provided by some of the bigger companies.”

Mr & Mrs Wise – April 2012: “We love our new kitchen. We were really pleased with the service that we received from Kitchen Elements. David’s knowledge and advice was invaluable, he took the time to listen to us and paid attention to the detail to ensure that our needs and lifestyle are reflected in the lovely kitchen that we now enjoy.”

Mr & Mrs Kemp – October 2011: “David took the time to ensure that we got the kitchen we would enjoy using and living with. He made our ideas into reality whilst at the same time introducing us to ideas we had not thought of. David’s team organised the preparation work so that everything was in place when the fitters arrived and we cannot speak too highly of the fitters themselves.”